Solar Power Installations

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy with many advantages over traditional power sources. This includes its lower environmental footprint, higher return on investment, lower maintenance and a secured long-term cost on electricity.

We offer solar panel installations so you may start enjoying the benefits of this sustainable energy source, while contributing to a cleaner future.


We specialize in custom, smart security automation systems that harmoniously provide your space with convenience, security and energy saving benefits.

Commercial Use

Customized solutions for any space, to suit any need, from anywhere.

Apartments & MDUs



Why choose DAN Smart?

From residential to commercial, our experts provide unique solutions to match any lifestyle with affordability, convenience, and the environment in mind.

Save Energy

Using a range of innovative techniques and materials, we help you save money on your energy bill.

Full Implementation

From planning, to installation, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Custom Solutions

Our experts listen to your needs and create custom solutions to fit any lifestyle.

On Time

Dependable installations you can count on

On Budget

Our focus is to provide affordable services to our clients without sacrificing quality.



From residential to commercial, we provide solutions for any space. Every space and lifestyle has its’ own unique requirements, so finding an effective solution requires an evaluation of your needs. Reach out to us for a free, no obligation consultation and one of our experts can help you identify what solutions would best suit you. Your efficiency, convenience and safety are our priority, and we strive to meet those goals.

Different needs require different solutions; therefore, costs vary depending on the project. At DAN Smart, our prices are competitive and welcome you to get in touch for a free estimate today.

Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to project evaluation, process engineering, mechanical design, purchasing, electrical design, procurement and installation. From beginning to end, we offer full support to our clients in their planning, training and education on risk management. Get started by booking a free consultation with us today to discuss how we may elevate your home experience.

We have a strong client focus and are dedicated to providing our clients with dependable service consistently. Our goal is to maximize safety, comfort and efficiency while promoting environmental sustainability. We achieve this through well rounded expertise and selecting the most efficient products.